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Integrative Body Psychotherapy

IBP combines mental health tools with energetic breath work to heighten aliveness and to allow us to break through our false self to states of well being and a core sense of self. It is a transformational approach that creates a shift in our body-mind state of consciousness. This shift changes the lens in which we experience our self, others and the world.

Stress, depression, feeling “off” or fragmented keeps us stuck in seeing life through the distorted lens of our false self. This distorted state maintains our perceptions, fears and beliefs that are unreliable and created by past emotional injuries. When we are fragmented we are unable to access states of well being , presence and a core self experience. It can make life feel miserable.

IBP provides tools to attain and sustain a body-mind integrated state of consciousness in the face of inevitable interruptions. These interruptions are artifacts of our past: old emotional injuries and how we have learned to deal with these injuries: our defensive patterns. This is where the blueprint for our current intimate relationships was formed.

Most of us can tap into experiences of well being, aliveness and clarity through meditation, yoga, a good run, or another form of body awakening experience. Our problem orientation, fears and defensive patterns diminish. Life feels more supportive and simplified. Most people do not know how to inhabit this state on a regular basis. This is what IBP teaches.

Most people live in constant states of stress or fight or flight. This compromised state limits functions such as the immune system, sexuality, digestion, elimination. It also blocks our ability to think and feel beyond survival and crisis level problems. It keeps us feeling unstable and maintains faulty projections. It is difficult to impossible to shift out of this state through the mind and reasoning alone. We need effective body-mind tools to change to states that embody clarity, well being and a deeper understanding. This is the goal of IBP.